Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in this entire hotel including all facilities.

* If you smoke, you’ll be refused the rest of the stay immediately and be charged the in-house cleaning fee and fine.



  1. Guest/s cannot enter Hotel’s facilities for employee such as storage.
  2. Guest/s who has no reservation cannot utilize any of Hotel’s facilities.
  3. Any usage of guest rooms except staying, eating and drinking is not acceptable without permission.
  4. Gambling or any act of disturbance of public morals.
  5. Nuisance such as singing and loud voice that can disturb other guests.
  6. Anything which can cause trouble to other guests;
    Pets (dogs, cats, small birds etc.) except guide dog or service dog are excluded.
    Possession of flammable, foul or any products with the risk abide by laws and ordinances.
  7. A deed  that can change the present situation such as sticking foreign matter and damage on equipment or commodities, transfer goods to other place without permission, taking out any commodities from the Hotel.
  8. Advertisement in its various forms e.g. notices articles, invitation, leaflets, brochures etc.
  9. Actions that are recognized inappropriate.



  1. Wireless LAN carries out some of its offers and cannot guarantee 100% internet stability.
  2. Guest/s equipment and devices cannot be all supported in the facilities.
  3. Protection and security of any communication devices is the guest’s responsibility.
  4. Proper usage of laundry is a must to prevent disturbance to the next user.
  5. Change of beddings during stay is charged separately and if damaged, it is charged accordingly.
  6. Check-in after;
    At 5:00pm, you are expected to connect beforehand from 9:00am to 5:00pm in your convenient time for the facilities.
    Laundry from 8:00am to 10:00pm
    Lounge is open 24 hours.
    In the joined space, cooperation is asked to avoid inconvenience.



  1. The Hotel does not take any principle baggage.
  2. Any lost or left behind belongings must follow the handling based on the law ordinances. (Lost Article Method)
  3. Leave the garbage in its designated place according to its segregation.
  4. Closing and lights off is not practiced in the Hotel, however, please keep in mind the moderation of actions not to be disturbance to other guests and neighborhood residents.
  5. Personal conflicts and trouble caused by two parties during the stay is not the Hotel’s responsibility. Kindly settle by all means with the person’s concern.
  6. Personal information used for registration will be kept confidential based on the Personal Information Protection Law and/or handing it to a third party is not acceptable. However, the following cases below is the exemption;
    A disclosure beforehand.
    The disclosure is demanded by laws, its ordinances and jurisdiction made by the government offices.
  7. As for the e-mail address that is used in registration, the Guest/s can perform an advertisement and news in any effective time in the Hotel.
  8. A change in its rules and regulations without notice has no obligation to issue an advance notice.


The additional clause of the book rule takes effect on July 28, 2017.

We appreciate your cooperation.


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