Accomordation Contract

Accommodation Contract


Article 1【Scope of Application】

  1. Contracts for accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and onditions.
    Any particulars not provided herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
  2. Regardless of these Terms and Conditions, the hotel can make a special contract with the Guest as long as it will not violete laws and regulations.


Article 2【Application for Accommodation Contract】

  1. A Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation Contract with the Hotel shall notify the Hotel of the following particulars:
    (1) Name of the Guest(s), address, age, phone number, gender, and date of accommodation.
    (2) Passport number if you are not Japanese citizen.
    (3) Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel.
  2. If Guests request to extend their stay, during their stay, beyond the date in subparagraph (1) of the preceding Paragraph, it shall be regarded as an application for a new Accommodation
    Contract at the time such request is made.
  3. The Hotel cannot accept the Guest(s) below the age of 18 including high school students unless they have permission from their parents. The letter of consent will be needed for each Guest.


Article 3【Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts, etc.】

  1. A Contract for Accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding Article. However, the same shall not apply where it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.
  2. When a Contract for Accommodation has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Guest is requested to pay an accommodation fee of the Guest's entire period of stay as a deposit.
  3. The deposit shall be used for charges that article 4 states. The reminder,if any, shall be refunded.


Article 4【Refusal and Cancelation of Accommodation】

The Hotel may not accept the conclusion of an Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances:


  1. When the Hotel is fully booked and there is no vacancy.
  2. When the application for accommodation does not conform with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities, malfunction of facilities and/or other unavoidable causes.
  4. When the Hotel judges the Guest(s) caused annoyance to other guests.
  5. When the Guest(s) is considered as the cases below:
    (1) A member of an organized crime group, under Article 2-6 of Law on Preventing
    Unreasonable Conduct by Organized Crime Groups (Code 77 issued in 1991), or a related party, under Article 2-2 of said law.
    (2) A company or group controlled by an organized crime group.
    (3) A company whose executive consists of a member of an organized crime group.
    (4) The Guest seeking accommodation can be clearly identified as carrying an infectious disease.
    (5) When the Hotel and/or hotel staff are violently threatened or unreasonably burdened by the Guest.
    (6) When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct
    himself/herself in a manner that will violate laws or act against the public order or good morals in regard to his/her accommodation.
    (7) When the deposit stated in Article 3 paragraph 2 is not paid by the date that the Hotel designated.
    (8) When the Guest(s) does not follow the prohibited matter in Terms of Use.
  6. In the case the Hotel cancelled the booking based on the regulations, it will not charge the fee of the stay that is not yet provided to the Guest(s) . If damages are caused to the hotel due to the act of the guest, the Hotel may claim compensation for damage.


Article 5【Cancellation of the Booking】

  1. The Guest is entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifying the Hotel.
  2. If the Guest has cancelled the Accommodation Contract in whole or in part due to causes for which the Guest is liable, the Guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed below.
    Cancellation policy
    When the cancellation is made 8 to 3 days before the estimated date of stay: 30% of the accommodation fee.
    When the cancellation is made 2 days before the estimated date of stay: 50% of the accommodation fee.
    When the cancellation is made a day before the estimated date of stay: 80% of the accommodation fee.
    When the cancellation is made on the actual date of stay or when the Guest(s) did not come without notice: 100% of the accommodation fee.
  3. If the Guest does not appear by 8:00 p.m. of the accommodation date without advance notice (2 hours after the expected time of arrival if the Hotel is notified), the Hotel may regard the Accommodation Contract as being cancelled by the Guest.
  4. In the case noted in the paragraph 3, we will not charge the cancellation fee if the delay of the Guest(s) is not their own responsibility, such as the delay or non-arrival of the public transportation.


Article 6【Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms】

  1. The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guest room of the Hotel from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival to 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. However, in the case when the Guest is accommodated continuously, the Guest may occupy the guest room all day, except for the days of arrival and departure.
  2. When the baggage or belongings of the Guest are found after check-out, the Hotel will handle it according to the law. When the ownership of the article is confirmed, the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions. However it is not an obligation.
  3. The Hotel might charge a fee if the Guest(s) stays inside the Hotel space such as front space etc. for a long term, and it is obvious that the Guest(s) uses the facilities of the Hotel.


Article 7【Liabilities of the Hotel】

  1. The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment or the nonfulfillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements. However, the same shall not apply in cases where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hotel is not liable.
  2. The Hotel is not liable to the accident that occurred because the Guest(s) did not follow the regulation.
  3. When the Hotel cannot provide the room due to its liability (excluding the case of natural disaster etc), it will try to introduce other accommodation. However, the condition might be different.


Article 8【Liability of the Guest】

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused through intent or negligence on part of the Guest.


Article 9【Money and Valuables】

The Hotel does not accept any belonging or baggage of the Guest(s) at the front desk. Also, the Hotel will not be responsible for any loss, breakage or other damage of the Guest’s belongings.


Article 10【Usage of Computer Communication】

  1. Using computer communication in side the Hotel is the Guest’s responsibility.
    The Hotel will not be responsible even if the network disconnection caused some loss or damage for the user.
  2. The Hotel will charge fee to the Guest if the computer connection of the Guest might cause or actually caused some damage or loss to the Hotel or others.


Article 11【Change of the General Terms & Condition】

The Hotel might change the contents of the General Terms & Condition without an advance notice when it is judged to be needed.



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